Construction will soon begin on the Szob retirement home

22. 07. 2020.

The Local Government of Szob will implement the development with a budget of 539 thousand euros within the framework of the RESTART action plan coordinated by Pontibus ETT. 

The 32-person retirement home will be established via the renovation of the building komplex under Köztársaság tér 8. During the course of the construction work, the emphasis will be on fortification and replacement of the roof structure elements, replacement of the windows, and a complete overhaul of the building interior, the rooms of care recipients, and other spaces, bringing plumbing up to currently effective code, and the full replacement of electric and technical building systems by Geoszolg Kft, the successful tenderer. The city of Szob has a further 34-thousand Euros allotted for equipment procurement for the social institution.

According to plan, the institution will open its doors in the second semester of 2021. 

The resources for the development will be realized by the RE-STRUCTURE project, winner of the highest amount of funding within the framework of the  INTERREG V Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program’s RESTART action plan (comprising a consortium of 7 projects). The social institution located in Ipolyszalka, the Burda Center in Helemba, as well as the social kitchen in Bernecebaráti, and the laundry in Kemence will be built within this project by mid-2022.


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