Consultations have started about social caregiver training

26. 08. 2020.

In the framework of the RE-HABILITATION project, cross-border social caregiver training is implemented.

Within the RE-START action-plan, in the framework of the RE-HABILITATION project, a bilingual, 310 hour training program is being developed and accredited. The training will be performed at the Szent László High School, Technical High School, Technical Secondary School and Boarding School of Szob, together with its Slovakian partner Blanka Richtáriková.

The project is closely linked to the RE-STRUCTURE project, in which new social institutions are established in Helemba, Ipolyszalka and Szob, thus there will be a need for a proper number and well trained workforce in the region, which this social caregiver training will provide.

After the successful completion of the training course, the participants receive a bilingual diploma.

In the framework of the project, the equipment necessary for the training will also be procured.

The partners and the staff of Pontibus EGTC discussed the tasks of the project’s initial phase during the consultation, with particular attention to the development of the training plan and training materials, furthermore they jointly determined the administrative tasks regarding the periodic partner reports and subsidy accounting.  

At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic is a serious challenge during the implementation of the project, which affects personal attendance at the training course, and the border crossing may pose a difficulty for the implementation of the project.   

Total cost of the project: 182,109.53 EUR


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