Gyöngyi Ferencz: 32 places will be created for nursing the elderly in Szob

29. 09. 2020.

Press conference on the RE-STRUCURE project. 

Gyöngyi Ferencz, the mayor of Szob said that the region has an aging population according to the statistics, therefore they place great emphasis on the care and aid of the elderly. Accommodation for the elderly seems to be the biggest need in the region because at other institutions there is a continuous waiting list. These institutions also have a small capacity providing housing for only 64 people. Currently there are 40 people of the waiting list.


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The mayor stated: The local municipality was constantly searching for ways to deal with the problem. With the RE-STRUCTURE project, the nursing home at Szob will be developed through the renovation of the abandoned building that was purchased by the local municipality in 2016. This institution will provide housing and care for 32 elderly people. The 500 square meter building will contain 1 bedroom with 4 beds, 6 bedrooms with 3 beds and 5 bedrooms with 2 beds. The total value of the renovation is 660,900 Euros, which is financed 95% through grants by the European Union and the national government, and 5% through the local municipality. The development will create at least 8 new jobs in the region.

The mayor stated that in Szob the existing nursing home will remain which means that along with the new building there will be 50 places available for nursing the elderly. In the near future energy saving investments will be implemented in the current nursing home, the local school and the nursery through the KEHOP tender. Currently there is a boathouse and a market under construction in the town. The mayor considered the opening of the swimming pool, the renovation of church buildings, community center and doctor’s office, building of the nursery and road improvements the most important developments of the past few years.

The mayor stated that Szob will also take part in the RE-BOOT project. The goal of this project is the development of health care services for those living in small villages far away from each other. Through the project a mobile laboratory with ultrasound equipment will be purchased, decreasing the wait times for ultrasound examinations, while also making it easier for the elderly as they do not have to travel for the examinations. The investment for the bus and equipment is calculated at 127,900 Euros with the local municipality financing 5% and the rest through European Union and national grants.


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