RE-START is a tool of reinvigoration in the region

29. 09. 2020.

A press conference on the RE-START action plan was held by organizations undertaking the project. 

István Szabó the chairman of the Pest County Assembly and the vice chairman of the project coordinating Pontibus European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation said that the RE-START action plan offers a solution to the problems along the Lower-Ipel region. Among these problems he highlighted unemployment, an aging population and reintegration into the labor market in connection with the previous two. He stressed: The goal of the RE-START action plan that originated from the INTERREG V-A Slovakia-Hungary Program is to solve these problems. The main elements of the program are the expansion of services for elderly people and the implementation of related services.


István Szabó said that one of such related service is the development of tourism services, for which the Ipel region shows great potential. The soon to be constructed bridge connecting Ipolydamásd and Chl’aba, the nationally financed Szob-Ipolydamásd cycle path under construction as well as the Letkés-Štúrovo cycle path from a previous INTERREG Slovakia-Hungary Program are all significant in terms of tourism. The chairman stressed that these programs aim to open up the Ipel-valley. Some ways to achieve this are the piers constructed for boating programs by the Pontibus European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation as well as the sanitary containers that provide more comfort to the Ipel-valley. Another aspect of tourism will be the procurement of electric bicycles and their charging stations through RE-START action plan developments. The charging stations will be located at Ipolydamásd, Salka, and Berneecebaráti. 

The chairman of the Pest County Assembly stated that Nitra County was a great aid in the implementation of the program and aided the foundation of the Pontibus European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. He said that both the Assembly and the action plan takes an interest in the past, present and future. This program is only the beginning in opening and reinvigorating the region and all members possess the necessary resolve to continue the project.

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