Project ID: SKHU/1802/3.1/045
Duration of the Project: 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2022

The RE-CREATION project aimed to promote recreational and community activities. Within the scope of the project, the Country Memorial House in Ipolyszalka will be increased in size, and the Swallow House (Fecskeház) in Ipolydamásd will be set up, which will also function as community spaces and venues for various trainings. Various services planned for the Burda Center in Helemba (e.g. salt-room, phyto-room, physiotherapy), as well as handicrafts to be installed at the Ipolyszalka Country Memorial House, electric cycling infrastructure to be built in Helemba and Ipolydamásd, and equipment for outdoor training will help the recreation and active pastime.

TOTAL: EUR 782,605.36



Acquisition of equipment for new services, outdoor training equipment (shaping up the site), marketing campaign

Ipoly Cultural and Tourist Society

Extension of a country memorial house, technical drawings, costs of public procurement, acquisition of equipment, establishment of an open e-bicycle storage and charging station

Tourism and Cultural Association of Bernecebarát

Swallow House (Fecskeház) renovation works, acquisition of equipment, outdoor training equipment (shaping up the site)

Dunakanyar Ipoly Börzsöny Területfejlesztési Nonprofit Kft. (DIB)

Closed e-bike storage and charging station (I.damásd), purchase of 21 electric bicycles, outdoor training equipment (shaping up the site)

The Local Government of the Municipality of Ipolydamásd

Establishment of a community and education center, acquisition of equipment

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