Project ID: SKHU/1802/3.1/052
Duration of the Project: 1 August 2020 – 30 June 2023

The main objective of the project is to create shared services that will provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for the social services currently existing in the Lower Ipoly Valley and for the new social services that will be created under the RE-START action plan.

The other project of the RE-START Action Plan, RE-STRUCTURE, described above, will provide the buildings for the Bernecebarát kitchen and the Kemence laundry, thus creating a strong link between the two projects. RE-NEWAL will be used to purchase the equipment needed to set up these services.

In Bernecebaráti, a social kitchen with a capacity to prepare around 400 meals a day will be set up, providing a modern and economical solution for feeding people in social institutions, old people’s homes and other institutional uses in the area. In addition to the kitchen equipment and utensils, the project will also include the purchase of a vehicle adapted for the transport of ready meals and raw ingrdients, which will facilitate the operation of the kitchen service.

The laundry to be set up in Kemence will also serve the laundry needs of the social institutions and old people’s homes in the area. The project will include the purchase of laundry equipment and a vehicle to transport laundry and clean linen and other textiles to the appropriate place.

TOTAL: EUR 446.072,27


The Local Government of the Municipality of Bernecebaráti

Purchase of social kitchen equipment for catering purposes, purchase of one hybrid / electric minibus with equipment for food transportation

Mesto Štúrovo

Purchase of 1 electric / hybrid minibus, mainly for the transportation of passengers for community programs

The Local Government of the Municipality of Kemenc

Purchase of laundry equipment, purchase of 1 hybrid / electric minibus for transportation with equipment


Company 100% owned by the Local Government of Berencebaráti, operator of the social catering, employment of 1 person

Kemencei Tiszta Forrás Kft.

Company 100% owned by the Local Government of Kemence, operator of the social kitchen, employment of 1 person

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