Planned results of the action plan:

Construction of a nursing home building in Salka

Construction of the Burda Center building in Helemba

Construction of a nursing home building in Szob

Construction of a laundry building in Kemence

Construction of a social kitchen building in Bernecebaráti

Extension of a country memorial house in Salka

Swallow House (Fecskeház) renovation works

Establishment of a community and education center

Construction of an e-bike storage and charging station in Ipolydamásd, Salka and Bernecebaráti

Purchase of electric bicycles

Acquisition of equipment for new services in Burda Center

Purchase and equipment of a mobile LAB bus with health screening devices

Purchase equipments for SMEs

Creation of a bilingual online database, capacity coordination

Development and accreditation of a bilingual educational Program of 310 hours, preparation of complementary teaching materials, 3 pilot trainings

Mentoring program (training of mentors)

Purchase of social kitchen equipment for catering purposes

Purchase of 1 electric / hybrid minibus, mainly for the transportation of passengers for community programs

Purchase of 1 hybrid / electric minibus for transportation with equipment

Volunteering and intergenerational dialogue

Community building events (excursions, organization of clubs about a specific topic)

Development of IT skills – trainings

Life-coaching for elderly

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