Szilvia Cagala: the construction of social institution in Salka will begin soon

29. 09. 2020.


Press conference on the RE-STRUCURE project. 

Silvia Cagala, the mayor of Salka said that the infrastructural works for the social institutions will be financed through the RE-STRUCTURE project. The Local Municipality of Salka is a Lead Beneficiary of the project, with the Local Municipality of Chl’aba, the Local Municipality of Bernecebaráti and the Local Municipality of Kemence also taking part in the project. In the latter settlements a social kitchen and a laundry will be built.


The mayor stated that the institution will be established by renovating an abandoned former nursery. It is irrelevant if there are similar institutions in the vicinity as the waiting lists are always very long and oftentimes it is of vital importance to the elderly whether they find a vacancy in time, therefore these is an increased need to create more vacancies. 

The social institution at Salka will have 20 new beds with 8 rooms that are 23 square meters in size with 2 beds, and 4 rooms that are 13 square meters with a single bed. The mayor said that each room will have a separate social room. The institution will be built on a 3,400 square meter enclosure and the building will be 440 square meters. The development will cost more than 631,000 Euros of which 95% comes from European Union and national grants and 5% from the local municipality. 

The mayor added: The village would never have been able to implement such development without the RE-START action plan. The mayor also considered the fact that the development would create new jobs in the region as essential as there aren’t many job opportunities in the region. When development is completed it will offer a livelihood for at least 15 families.

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