The construction of the Ipolyszalka social institution has begun

14. 04. 2021.

The work area has been handed over to the building contractor in Ipolyszalka.

The construction of the Ipolyszalka social institution is part of the RE-STRUCTURE project, the purpose of which is to create social institution space in the region that has an ageing infrastructure.

The social institution at Salka will have 20 new beds with 8 rooms that are 23 square meters in size with 2 beds, and 4 rooms that are 13 square meters with a single bed. The institution will be built on a 3,400 square meter enclosure and the building will be 440 square meters. The development will cost more than 631,000 Euros of which 95% comes from European Union and national grants and 5% from the local municipality. 

An important aspect of the development is job creation in the region, at the same time it helps establish the service sector that provides for the elderly population (the so-called ‘silver economy’).

The social institution is expected to be finished by the 1st quarter of 2022. Equipment and devices necessary for the operation of the institution will be procured as well within the framework of the project, which is expected in the second half of the year.



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