The tender procedure for the MobilLAB examination bus has been completed

22. 07. 2020.

The screening bus to be obtained within the RE-BOOT project will allow for widespread diagnostic examinations for regional residence.  

One of the aims of the RE-BOOT project is to improve the health of residents in the region of the action plan’. The examination bus will be suitable for carrying out mobile ultrasound examinations, measuring blood sugar and blood pressure, EKG recordings, and other diagnostic examinations. When determining the services to be provided, the project promoter, the Local Government of the Municipality of Szob, has placed special emphasis on installing diagnostic means onto the bus, especially ultrasound equipment, that are not readily available to residents of the region.

The bus and the services will be maintained by the Szob Health Development Office. 

At present, the tender procedure is under evaluation. If the procedure ends successfully, the examination bus will be operational in autumn and can begin providing its services to locals.

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