Training courses for social care workers successfully completed

13. 05. 2022.

The implementation of the RE-HABILITATION project was evaluated at the closing event.

The main objective of the RE-HABILITATION project was to provide staffing for newly built and existing social institutions along the Lower Ipoly, by launching a free training course for social workers.

Within the RE-START action plan, the project, which ended on 30 April 2022, implemented the training programme in two locations, Szob and in Párkány. The project, which was funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) with € 154 793, trained a total of 137 people and was
free of charge for the participants. The 310-hour training course, which combined theoretical and practical modules, provided all the skills and knowledge needed to become a social worker. After the training, many of them found immediate employment in social institutions in the region, and many
received job offers in the same institutions where they had completed their practical training.

The project was implemented by the St. Laszlo High School, Secondary School, Technical and Vocational School and Dormitory in Szob and Blanka Richtáriková – Kurz opatrovania in Slovakia.

The success of the project justified that the two partners who ran the training programme – the St.
Laszlo High School, Secondary School, Technical and Vocational School and Dormitory and Blanka Richtáriková – Kurz opatrovania in Slovakia – should continue the training after the end of the project and run it on a tuition basis.

The closing event of the project was held on 26 April 2022 in Szob. The participants of the closing event were informed about the main experiences of the training, presented by Gábor Németh, Director of the St. Laszlo High School, Secondary School, Technical and Vocational School and Dormitory and Mónika Pápai, instructor.

Zsuzsanna Szalai, head of the St. Elisabeth Home of the Catholic Charity Service in Ipolytölgyes, presented the main topics of the social care training and the practical possibilities of applying the acquired knowledge. Many participants wanted to provide better quality care for their relatives
cared for at home by acquiring the skills.

Sándor Gréczi, Deputy Director of the Pest County Branch of the General Directorate for Social Affairs and Child Protection, presented the tasks, functions and institutional system of the General Directorate. The primary tasks of the Directorate General are to maintain social and child protection
institutions, to ensure their operating conditions, to set fees and to perform other tasks related to maintenance. The RE-HABILITATION project can also contribute to alleviating the staff shortage in the institutions and to the human resources of the social services which will be built under another
project of the Action Plan and which are to be handed over soon.

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