Zoltán Ujlaky: mentorship program fosters creation of employment

29. 09. 2020.

Press conference on the RE-BOOT project. 

Zoltán Ujlaky, head of the Szob District Family and Child Welfare Centre – which is the Lead Beneficiary in RE-BOOT project – gave a detailed description of the mentorship program as part of the action plan. The cross-border mentorship program helps those who are inactive and above 50 years of age to return to the labor market.


The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta trained mentors the past few months as part of the project. During training the mentors familiarized themselves with communication, job seeking, conflict resolution and integration techniques. The training also consisted of resumé writing, labor market studies and treatment of addictions. In the first half of 2020, six mentors completed the training. These mentors will be supported through counselling and supervision by professionals at the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta until the end of the year. 

The service will take place in the Family Welfare Center, at the homes of the service recipients and at partner facilities. If all goes according to plan then the mentors will stay in touch with those receiving the mentorship through personal contact and e-mail, the frequency of which will be personalized. The development path of those who are going to receive mentorship will be unique and personalized and will detail the steps that are needed in order to gain employment. 

Members of the target group, meaning those who are above 50, seeking jobs, inactive, live in the target region of the Hungarian and Slovakian side of the Lower-Ipel Valley can apply for the program. The institution leader expects around 30 people to apply. The program will be popularized through leaflets, posters and personal contact. 

The mentorship program is also advantageous for companies involved in the RE-BOOT project who are planning on increasing staff, as well as other regional employers as it ensures an active and motivated workforce, decreases inactivity and leads people back to the world of work. 

The two Slovakian small businesses Natur Products-Németh s.r.o and Mira Office s.r.o. are also taking part in this project. Production equipment will be procured at both companies which will result in the increase of production capacity and employee count. 

Zoltán Ujlaky also stated that with the project’s framework the Szob District Family and Child Welfare Center will implement a capacity coordinating system regarding elderly care which will aid the effective management regarding limited capacities, workforce and resources in the social sphere.

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