RE-START  is an action plan focusing on a specific geographical region, encompassing several municipalities, public administration bodies, economic actors and non-governmental organizations. The aim of the action plan is to reduce the economic and social gap of the Lower Ipoly Valley, mainly due to the peripheral situation, and to revitalize the labor market, while reflecting the challenges posed by the aging age structure. The action plan, launched in July 2019 and lasting until the summer of 2023, is coordinated by the PONTIBUS European Territorial Association, founded by the Local Government of Pest County and the Nitra District Local Government of Slovakia. RE-START was initiated within the INTERREG V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program (www.skhu.eu). 

The aim of the RE-START action plan is to increase employment by developing the internal potential of the area, paying special attention to a population still in age of active labor but inactive. In addition, the development of services tailored to the needs of an aging population and the promotion of active aging will be emphasized.

 The unique approach is implemented through the following specific objectives:
 expansion of the social and community infrastructure of the region, development of shared services

  • promoting job creation based on new services, social benefits and the silver economy
  • promoting employment through training and mentoring for the unemployed, unskilled and inactive population
  • increase cross-border labor mobility through capacity coordination and cooperation, as well as the acquisition of passenger vehicles and trucks
  • improving the health conditions of the population
  • community building, programs for the elderly and promotion of the dialogue between generations 

RE-BOOT: is a mentoring program aiming at the re-integration of the people over the age of 50 into the labor market, health development of the area by operating a mobile X-ray screening bus, introducing of a coordination system to measure capacity with the involvement of local social institutions

RE-STRUCTURE: is a project aiming to build social homes, create shared services for social institutions through building a social kitchen and laundry

RE-NEWAL: promoting regional mobility by operating minibuses, purchasing equipment for the kitchen and laundry under RE-STRUCTURE project

RE-HABILITATION: launch of social care training

RE-CREATION: organization of recreation and leisure services primarily for the elderly, construction of a community house and extension of the country memorial house

RE-BIRTH: training and leisure activities for the elderly, promoting intergenerational dialogue

RE-START AP – CCP: coordination and communication of the whole action plan


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