Project ID: SKHU/1802/3.1/045
Duration of the Project: 1 April 2021 – 30 June 2023

The aim of the project is to launch new recreational services in the area, which will promote the development of age-related activities among the local population and enable the organisation of community programmes for the local population, particularly the elderly. The project is also an important step in the development of local tourism. The project will also have a positive impact on the labour supply in the area.

The project partners in Hungary and Slovakia will create new community spaces and services in four locations, where new activities, mainly for active ageing, can be launched through a future Action Plan project:

The Ipoly Menti Kulturális és Turisztikai Társaság (Ipoly Cultural and Tourism Association)) will expand the Ipolyszalkai Tájház (Folklore Musem) with a new building section for craft functions.

The Bernecebaráti Tourism and Cultural Association will renovate the Fecskeház (Swallow House) in the municipality.

The Burda Centre in Helemba will also include a building for recreational activities, the equipment for the development of the function will be procured under this project and the construction part will be carried out under the RE-STRUCTURE project.

The Municipality of Ipolydamásd will create an educational centre by converting an existing building. The implementation of this element of the project is ongoing and the construction is expected to be completed this year.

In addition to indoor recreational spaces, improvements will be made to outdoor activity areas. The Danube Bend-Ipoly-Börzsöny Regional Development Non-profit Ltd. will set up an electric bicycle system in the area, with 21 e-bicycles being purchased. The bicycles will be available at charging stations in three locations (Bernecebaráti, Ipolyszalka, Ipolydamásd).

Outdoor activity will also be promoted by the installation of outdoor training facilities in three municipalities (Helemba, Bernecebaráti, Ipolydamásd).

TOTAL: EUR 782.605,36



Acquisition of equipment for new services, outdoor training equipment (shaping up the site), marketing campaign

Ipoly Cultural and Tourist Society

Extension of a country memorial house, technical drawings, costs of public procurement, acquisition of equipment, establishment of an open e-bicycle storage and charging station

Tourism and Cultural Association of Bernecebarát

Swallow House (Fecskeház) renovation works, acquisition of equipment, outdoor training equipment (shaping up the site)

Dunakanyar Ipoly Börzsöny Területfejlesztési Nonprofit Kft. (DIB)

Closed e-bike storage and charging station (I.damásd), purchase of 21 electric bicycles, outdoor training equipment (shaping up the site)

The Local Government of the Municipality of Ipolydamásd

Establishment of a community and education center, acquisition of equipment

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